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Socialmine is a brand new way to get your small business website up and running in minutes flat (literally). We’ve created a service that enables entrepreneurs and business owners who see the value of having a web presence, but (like most of us) don’t know the first thing about creating and managing a website.

Online Business Building System
$99 to sign up, then just $59/month.

Social Mine PricingThe Socialmine package includes:

  • Professionally designed website
  • Automated social media integration
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Customize which news and events get posted to social media channels.
  • Contact manager to track and follow up with customers and clients
  • Set tasks and reminders through the contact manager
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By now, you probably have questions. Read below for enlightenment.

How is a website going to help my business?

Long ago, there was a time when people went to the phonebook looking for goods and services. Today, people search the internet when they’re looking for something.  These days, not having a website is like not having a sign outside your business. Without a website, you’re essentially invisible to billions of potential customers searching for exactly what you’re selling.

If you haven’t read “ZMOT” by Google, you should.

Seriously?! ANOTHER web builder?

We see you’ve been doing your homework.  Admittedly, there are quite a few website builders on the market today.  Many are free (sort of).  All do one thing well—build websites from editable templates.  Socialmine, on the other hand, is no one-trick pony.

Besides being ridiculously easy-to-use, Socialmine also features back-office applications like a contact manager.  It can also mine your current social networks for potential new customers.  Often imitated, never replicated—there’s really nothing quite like Socialmine.

Social media will never, ever make me money!

And the internet is just a fad… Right!  Look, never in the history of mankind have so many been so connected.  It’s all thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Still, you may be right that a Facebook page won’t make you money, and that a tweet never closed a business deal.  But Socialmine doesn’t care about social media buzzwords.  The ‘social media integration‘ component actually mines your existing social networks for prospective clients.

Who knows.  You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it.

What if I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Well, it would be great if you were, but that’s certainly not a requirement.

Socialmine can automatically post tweets and other social media updates to new profiles allowing you to grow your network with no additional effort.  It’s like social media on autopilot.

I have Outlook. Why would I need a Contact Manager?

Outlook has contacts and stores them in much the same way as your old Rolodex.

Socialmine’s Contact Manager works more like a sales pipeline tool (sometimes called a “CRM“).  It monitors new prospects, new customers, and helps organize your sales and marketing pipeline.  So, our contact manager is less like Outlook and more like, which costs a pretty penny.

I already have a domain. Can I use it with my new Socialmine site?

Yes. It’s pretty simple, really.  First you just setup your Socialmine site.  Then, contact your domain registrar and point your CNAME to ‘whatever’ is the name of your Socialmine site) .

If you have any problems, check out the support site.

Web Builder

Website Builder

Create beautiful, professional websites in a very visual, intuitive process that takes you step-by-step from the very beginning all the way to a completed website.

Easily add content, videos, images, and webpages to bring your site to life.

Web Builder Features

  • Intuitive Step-by-Step Process
  • 10 Professional Themes to Choose From
  • Easily Add Content, Videos, and Images
  • Customizable Widgets

Website Builder Details

Social Integration

Social MediaTwo-way automatic integration between your social media channels and your Socialmine website.

Automatically relay updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  And vice versa:  Bring social media updates into widgets on your website.

Social Integration Features

  • Relay Web Updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Place Feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on Website
  • Send Messages & Tweet Directly From Socialmine

Social Integration Details

Contact Manager


Socialmine’s Contact Manager gives you a one-stop shop for managing and communicating your customers and prospects.

Easily import contacts across your entire social network and communicate with them directly from Socialmine.

Contact Manager Features

  • Automatically Import Contacts from Social Network
  • Communicate Directly with Contacts on Social Media
  • Create Reminders to Keep Communication Organized

Contact Manager Details

Instant Blog

Intuitively create detailed blog posts complete with videos and images to keep your customers and prospects informed on your business.

Send blog updates directly your social media channels.

Instant Blog Features

  • Intuitive Interface for Creating Detailed Blog Posts
  • Keep Customers and Prospects Informed
  • Directly Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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“When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.”

—Mark Twain

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